Hear the cries...
Hear the cries...
Las putas nunca dejan de ser putas. Fácil.


Me encantan las mujeres bien, bien putas. 

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i want a dude with a beard because i’m into that but i also don’t feel ready for that type of guy like i’m practically an infant

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Me gusta como tus incoherencias encajan con las mias myrosesgarden (via myrosesgarden)

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I’m scared to stay in the same place for too long, the idea of settling terrifies me. Think of me like a plant, it’s roots grow but with time as it grows forces pull and damage the plant. Every little bit weakens the plant until one day the roots can no longer deal with the stress and the plant is torn from the soil. I seem believe that if i keep on moving, leaving myself no time to to ‘plant roots’, I will save myself from unnecessary pain.

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people always say that high school is the best time of your life…………………….. I’m sorry but did i miss something because I hated every single second of it

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